Lacheela will be at The Asian Lifestyle Show 28.10.23

Lacheela will be at The Asian Lifestyle Show 28.10.23

Lacheela is a South Asian clothing brand for plus size people, carrying sizes UK 16 to 28. Lacheela is founded by Pholita and Bhaveena, sisters who were fed up with the limited options, fatphobic stores and the extra price tags just for the bigger sizes. 

Lacheela give people the power to take control of their own style with their mix and match collection! We are proud to announce Lacheela will be exhibiting at the Asian Lifestyle show 2023.

After shopping for South Asian clothes and getting constantly turned away the sister duo decided that enough was enough! Most stores would either not have their size, add on a hefty price tag for a larger size, or have outfits that were honestly outright ugly! The only way for them to have stylish South Asian clothes that fit them properly was to design and make them, which is exactly what they did. Throughout their daily walks during the first COVID-19 lockdown, they came up with an exciting idea that quickly developed into a full brand. They have created a safe space for people to shop without judgment.

Lacheela provide ready-to-ship clothing you can wear without making any alterations. These British-made lehengas with specially sourced embroidered fabrics from India, are a staple in any wardrobe. They design a mix of minimal and modern pieces that can be worn with any of their other items or mixed into your current wardrobe. 

Lacheela has designed ALL their pieces with plus-size bodies in mind. So, they added longer zips to the skirts, used hooks to avoid bunching around the waist and added a full cancan to create a fabulous A-line silhouette. In the tops, they ditched the padded cups, because what use do they really have? All the tops have bra loops to tame those straps and a removable strap along the back for additional support. We can’t forget the full length open-ended zips to avoid ruining your makeup. Not only that, but they also use all of their leftover fabric to make ZERO-WASTE hair accessories. They are currently working on new pieces to add to their growing collection!“The Asian Lifestyle Show is going to be the event of the year. A place where I get to meet all of our supporters and have all my favourite brands come together to celebrate the rich and diverse culture South Asians have to offer” – Pholita